How to use Voxer

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a free push-to-talk messaging app. It’s a walkie-talkie type of messaging system which you can download on your phone or desktop.

Aside from sending real-time audio, you can also chat by typing in a message and send photos, videos, GIFs, etc.

You only need an email or a username to add a person in Voxer, maintaining information privacy unlike with other apps.

How to use Voxer

  • Install the app on your phone (iOS or Android) or to your desktop: DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Create an account
  • You can share to me your username so I can add you OR you can add me: (Dani’s voxer username)
  • You can add people who’s already in directory that are already using Voxer
  • You can also add people by adding their email address or username
  • You can immediately send a message to someone by holding the orange walkie-talkie icon at the bottom:
  • If you’re in a chat with me while I’m speaking, you can listen to what I’m saying in real time. If not, you can always listen to the audio later

Voxer Features

Sending an audio message and chat are pretty intuitive and here are some features you may want to take a note of:

Tap to talk

Instead of holding the orange walkie-talkie icon while talking, you can turn on this feature so you can start and end a recording with just a tap.

Go to ⚙️ settings, click More Options, and turn on the Tap to Talk toggle

Star your Message

Star a message so it’ll be easier for you to find it later.

 Click + hold on the message and when a dialog box options appear, select

Download/Save messages

Free accounts only save the message history within 30 days. You can save/download a message within this time frame and it can be done on Voxer web only.

Log in to:

When you go to your chat, you’ll see a ⬇️ download button in the audio, you can click it so you can save that message.

© Copyright 2023. Sovereign Empaths. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2023. Sovereign Empaths. All Rights Reserved.