Can I help you?

As a Sovereign Empath you already know you are different…

… but you may not know exactly how you are different – or what it means.

You may have noticed the recent increase in available information on empaths…

… and still feel you’re not quite represented.

That’s because as an Empath you are motivated by a drive for Harmony and a sense of Oneness

while Sovereignty implies Autonomy: doing things your own way regardless of what anyone else says.

Quite the Catch-22.

As a Sovereign Empath you have a brain…

… and you’re not afraid to use it.

You also have a unique perspective on life…

… and you’re not afraid to honour it.

In fact, you can’t help it: you have to!

Nevertheless, old and redundant core beliefs may still remain deeply ingrained into your being

– causing parts of you to still respond the old way – in turn causing conflict in your patterns. 

I offer Awakened Help to Sovereign Empaths,
bringing Clarity to your situation.

You already know what it takes to get what you want…

… but you may not always be able to see where you’re off-track.

But when you do slide off-track,
you need someone who understands what you are up against.
Someone who actually hears you. 

When you speak, your words paint a picture for me.
I hear the words you say and I hear the words you don’t say.
I listen. And then I connect your words back to you. With clarity.

I’m Danielle Brouwer and I’m a clear-knowing HSP and Sovereign Empath. Which means, in plain English, that I’m a bad-ass sensitive and intuitive.

If you have thoughts that you hold true while they actually inhibit you, then I will connect that back to you: “Are you aware that you believe you can’t have this thing until you accomplish that thing?”

I will point out your shadow beliefs. I will show you your blind spots. And if you’re ready, I will take you down the rabbit hole.

Want to know what I can do for you?

Every week I invite two people from my list to have a Discovery Session with me.

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A Discovery Session is a 30 minute free convo with me via Skype.

These conversations reveal what you are struggling with and they allow you to get clear on what to do next.

To streamline these convos, I send out a short questionnaire to those who apply. This gives me an idea of who you are and what you’re up against – and that will save us time during the actual convo.

Furthermore, the questions will start you thinking about your situation and that will help you zone in on what’s actually troubling you. This way the questions will help you untangle where you’re at.

The Discovery Sessions are free of charge and they come with no strings attached – other than the obvious: you have to be on my list to be invited.

But don’t worry, I’m not one for sending lots of emails.

In fact, I’m creating a Treasure Trove where all the goodies you’d normally sign up for can be found in one place, so that you can peruse them at your own leisure.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, right?

So make sure to hit the button below, sign up and put your name on the list. This way I can invite you for a Discovery Session and I can let you know when the Treasure Trove is ready. 

Sign me up!

The moment you’ve confirmed your email, you will receive the questionnaire.

Once I have received and reviewed your answers, you will be added to the Invite List.

I really enjoy these conversations and I make sure to make time for at least two every week, so it is only a matter of time before we find a time slot for our little chat!