So, what’s a Sovereign Empath?

While Sovereignty implies autonomy, the Empath is typically motivated by a sense of Oneness.

Sovereigns are independent thinkers – and in terms of spirituality Awakened Sovereigns are on the leading edge, it’s as simple as that.

As Empaths, however, we are acutely aware of others. We feel the collective – and we are an inextricable part of it – which means our behaviour is often influenced by the people around us.


To be Sovereign -as an empath- can be quite a challenge:

We know what we know, but the rest of the world tends to take a different view.

To stick to your beliefs even when no one else seems to give you credit,


To shake off those who hold you back, and to move forward regardless

That’s what being a Sovereign Empath is about.

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