Allocating Time

Every week I set aside time on which Discovery Sessions can be booked.

Once you’ve submitted your questions, you will receive a link to the Acuity App and there you can book your time-slot.

With enough advance notice I can probably accommodate a different day, but I do have a fairly full schedule and I cannot guarantee that we will always find a slot that works for both of us.

It’s really very simple: I make time available on my end and I try to be flexible (so do reach out if the days really don’t work). But… you have to make time available on your end.

This next bit only applies if you don’t know how to find the time

Working on yourself is not something you just do when it’s convenient. Even so, over the years I have found that for many people it is exactly that: they work during the week and they consider it a given that they cannot book time with me ‘during working hours’.

For me it’s equally given that I do not book sessions during the weekend. Not because I’m unwilling to make an exception, but because you need to decide what matters to you!

If you want to discover where you’re at, even though your days are full, you have to make the exception. Not because I’m worth it (though, frankly I am), but because You are.

Don’t leave it until it’s convenient. Just make the choice to be there for you.